1. 1.
    strengthen or support physically or mentally.
    “this thought had sustained him throughout the years”

    synonyms: comforthelpassistencouragesuccoursupport, give strength to, be a source of strength to, be a tower of strength to, buoy up, carry, cheer up, hearten, see someone through; 

Sustain is a fashion brand whose purpose is to support and strengthen others.

By creating fashion that makes women feel strong and look great we aim to inspire inner confidence.

Instead of being competitive with others Sustain wants to promote a spirit of kindness and support in various communities.

Further, by using sustainable practices in production and delivery we hope to do our bit in supporting the earth.

Sustain London, as we know it, was founded in October 2018. It did however find its beginnings within the brand Sparrow & Wolf, which was re-branded to Sustain London in 2018. You can read about why it was re-branded here. Sparrow & Wolf and Sustain London were founded by designer Jessica Brennan.

We are an online only fashion business based in London, UK with occasional spots at Fashion pop-ups and boutiques.

All products are made in the UK to help with carbon emissions and instead of throwing away fabric left over we ensure it is used, creating one-off unique products.

We are happy to hear from anyone on content ideas and collaborations. Please feel free to contact us here.