Why the Re-Brand?

For all of you who knew us as Sparrow & Wolf, thanks for following us through this re-brand. But, you may wonder why we bothered re-branding at all?

Well, carry on reading…

It occurred to me recently that Sparrow & Wolf has not been carefully created but has developed over time. I never sat down and thought about what I wanted my brand to be like.

What was its style aesthetic?

What was its identity?

What did it stand for?

I couldn’t answer these questions for Sparrow & Wolf at all. I have always done this in a rush- I was in a rush to start an Instagram and therefore created a name without much thought. I’m always in a rush to get a collection designed and out there. There is always something else I need to begin which means leaving the previous task in a whirlwind.

Because of this, I realised recently I wasn’t proud of what I was doing. I wasn’t as forthcoming to talk about the brand as I should have been. And what is the point of doing something, something that is supposed to be your passion, if you don’t feel proud of it?

But, instead of jacking it all in, I thought I’d start from the beginning. So, I sat down and answered those questions above. What I wanted the brand to stand for and what’s most important to me.

I already talk about supporting other designers (through @thedesignercollective) and I also talk a lot about how the clothes are made in London by local seamstresses. So these core themes of support and trying to be sustainable were areas I knew I wanted to be central to the brand. But how do you bring these two things together?

I also wanted to think about the clothes themselves and the role they should to play in women’s lives. A huge majority of women (of all ages!) suffer with low self esteem, at least at times. I therefore want to create fashion that can build women up and make them feel strong.

Fashion at times can be extremely divisive and can be used in an intimidating way. Fashion should be used to connect people and make the person wearing it feel confident and unstoppable. I didn’t really feel I was creating pieces that did this, mainly as the design process was rushed but also because I started to design for a girl that I believed was my customer instead of creating pieces I loved. Therefore a part of this re-brand has included really honing in on the style aesthetic and creating a clear image.

You’ve read why I decided to re-brand and some of the things I considered when creating the brands identity but read the article ‘Welcome to Sustain’ to see what this has resulted in.

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